Dahua Technology releases DSS Pro VMS

Hangzhou, China

Dahua's new Windows-based video management system - DSS Pro

Dahua Technology is releasing the DSS Pro - the company's Windows-based video management system product, which utilises an advanced modular design to provide a powerful central management system featuring high flexibility, advanced scalability, and reliability.

DSS Pro has been developed by Dahua using Client Server(C/S) architecture, and it enables the flexible deployment of multiple modules to meet customer needs. The DSS Pro has been enhanced with features such as, easy access, open-platform and easy expansion.

DSS Control Client, DSS Web Client, and DSS Mobile form the suite of DSS clients, enable users to enjoy instant, around-the-clock access to video surveillance, and gives them the choice of a viewing interface that best suits their needs. DSS Control Client provides easy and powerful daily operation and surveillance task handling. GPU decoding and multi-screen support allows the simultaneous display of multiple types of content. DSS Web Client offers convenient DSS access from any Internet-enabled PC browser. DSS Mobile enables users to view feeds from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. It also supports remote playback of recorded footage from selected cameras and control of PTZ cameras.

Aside from its support for the full range of Dahua products, DSS Pro is designed for 3rd party device integration through standard ONVIF. The DSS SDK for 3rd party VSS integration supports Windows, IOS, and Android.  It also supports easy performance upgrades via distributed hardware extensions, easy functionality upgrades via add-ons, and easy capacity expansion via license subscription. DSS Pro also integrates an alarm system, POS, face recognition, and ITC for advanced security applications.

DSS Pro also supports hot standby which ensures system reliability for critical applications. When abnormal behaviour is detected, the detection service will automatically restart the server to ensure service stability.  In addition, the LPR module features automatic number of plate recognition (ANPR), vehicle image capture, vehicle list management, and more. It has a wide range of applications in the fields of parking and traffic management.  It also incorporates, face recognition, which is beneficial for various applications such as monitoring the entrances and exits to railway stations, metro stations, airport terminals, commercial buildings, seaports, schools, factories, and offices.

Beyond its basic application as a CCTV management system, DSS Pro can be used in many vertical industries such as retail, banking, transportation, and Safe City applications with the use of add-ons. Add-ons are separate software components installed on top of existing DSS video surveillance systems, providing users with extra powerful functionalities.

In addition to its powerful surveillance capabilities, DSS also provides advanced business analysis functionality. Intelligent analysis features help department stores, outlets, and other businesses improve customer satisfaction, provide a secure shopping environment, and better plan store layout &consumer routes to grow business.

Dahua DSS Pro is an ideal choice for those in search of an easy-to-use, customisable, and centralised video management solution with an effective after sales service. 


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