Dahua IP upgrades Hangzhou Safe City project

Hangzhou, China

Dahua Technologyhas won the honour of taking care of Hangzhou city, the capital of Zhejiang province in China.  This city has been named, today and throughout modern and ancient history, as China's dream city, due to its picturesque scenery, over a thousand year history, beautiful legends and strong economy.

Hangzhou consists of eight administrative prefectures and two sub-urban districts, covering more than 16,596-square-km with a population of 884.4 million. Hangzhou is one of the first Safe City projects in China, building a complete video surveillance system for public and transport security. The city’s Safe City project has been upgraded by Dahua’s latest video surveillance solution since its first installation in 2004. After this upgrade, Dahua’s cameras are securing over 70 percent of the whole of the Hangzhou traffic system. Take Xiaoshan district for an example, Xiaoshan Safe City started in 2009 and is currently on its third construction phase. The challenge for this project is that the whole video system has to be connected and the video data has to be transmitted from local police stations, to the municipal management centre, and on to the provincial management centre.

There are 32 local police stations in Xiaoshan equipped with the Dahua IP surveillance system, collecting video from over 3,000 cameras installed at intersections, tunnel / metro entrances, school gates and other public locations where there is a high intensity of activity. The applied cameras include speed domes and megapixel network cameras, their high performance and 24/7 non-stop working stability ensures clear and crisp image delivery for every second.

In order to process and manage massive data volume, the local police stations use 60 Dahua network video recorders, which are equipped with a quad-core processing chip and up to RAID5, ensuring smooth operation, data safety and system stability. The whole system runs Dahua comprehensive central management software DSS.

As there is no isolated city island in this world and data only matters when it plays its role, the big data received and processed at the base tier are transmitted via optical fibre and cascaded to the municipal platform and provincial centre. Meanwhile, some customised functions are integrated with the CMS ensuring it responds quickly. And the 5 Dahua 3 x 4 DLP video-walls serve to provide a bigger view of the ongoing surveillance areas so as to better optimise manpower and police operations, enabling a more efficient system and ensuring that traffic police are able to react instantly when incidents happen.

Tommy Yang, Domestic Project Director at Dahua Technology, expressed that both the company and the individuals involved feel proud to have been involved with such a project in their home town,  "and actually, not only in Hangzhou, but also in many other cities in China, we have successfully delivered the sense of security to the citizens. And we are proud to say that these projects prove that the Dahua team has all the necessary capabilities from the planning stage, to the installation. And our products have also proven to be of such a high quality that they will ensure the whole system’s stability.” 

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