Colombian city improves surveillance to convict criminals

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Infinet Wireless, a global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, has deployed a cost-effective solution to improve surveillance of Bojacá, Colombia using the latest CCTV technologies, enabling the local law enforcement agencies to present solid evidence in court in order to convict criminals.

Bojacá, a municipality located 40 km from the capital Bogotá, had started to fight against rising crime in the area, but the legacy CCTV system that used a fibre optic network was restricting their progress. The Bojacá government approached Infinet’s partner in Colombia, Maicrotel, a leading communication solutions integrator providing turn-key video monitoring solutions for the police force, to advise on the best technological platform for tackling crime.

“Despite Bojacá town being a busy tourist spot in Colombia, we previously had terrible experience with our old fibre optic infrastructure, making it expensive to deploy and impossible to move cameras to other parts of the town,” said Juan Carlos Gaitain, Bojacá Mayor. “Maicrotel’s design and installation, along with Infinet’s local support in Colombia, has allowed the law enforcement agencies to extend the area they are able to monitor efficiently, and the entire town of Bojacá is now monitored 24/7, causing criminals to be caught quicker than ever before.”

Maicrotel and Infinet deployed an entirely wireless network which could carry IP cameras – some fixed and some pan tilt zoom (PTZ) – initially in six important sites of Bojacá. The high-performing Infiman 2x2 Point-to-Multipoint solution was ultimately deployed in four central sites, while the Infilink 2x2 Lite Point-to-Point solution was selected in the two sites that were out of the base station coverage, as the Infilink operates in both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight conditions.

The Infinet solution deployed not only prevents crime and allows the police to catch criminals more quickly, it also helps to accurately identify offenders, including those committing drug offences nearby schools and posing a serious risk to children and local communities.

“The town of Bojacá needed a solution that was both flexible in terms of geographical coverage, and cost-effective without compromising reliability,” said Carlos de la Madrid, LATAM Director at Infinet Wireless. “The Bojacá police now have all eyes on the CCTV in the town, and have installed cameras in remote and isolated places where little else exists except for the crossroads, allowing the local police to monitor all vehicles leaving and entering the town.”

The local support and solution provided by Infinet Wireless, along with Maicrotel’s design and installation, has allowed the Bojacá government to improve surveillance in the knowledge that it has put in place a reliable and scalable wireless infrastructure that supports all its needs for voice, data and video transmissions across the town.

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