CNL partners with Senstar

Indianapolis, In and Ontario, Canada

CNL Software has partnered with Senstar Corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of perimeter intrusion detection sensors to provide integrated perimeter security solutions.
For close to 30 years, Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection products have been protecting thousands of sites in more than 80 countries, representing over 30,000 kilometres of installed product. The company serves both private and public operations including critical infrastructure sites, airports, ports, utilities, oil and gas sites, VIP residences, government sites, agencies, correctional facilities, commercial operations and military sites.

Under the CNL Software Technical Alliance Program (TAP), Senstar will be able to provide its customers with the option to use integrated PSIM solutions based on the IPsecuritycenter PSIM platform, utilising its own products such as ultralink, which allows alarm information to be received and/or transmitted as part of an integrated security system.

"We recognise that our PIDS sensors are only a piece of a full security solution and are committed to initiatives such as this partnership with CNL to make sure our customers have the best solution for their project, big or small, without compromise." said Mark Novak, Managing Director of Senstar UK.

“In some cases an organisation’s perimeter can extend over vast geographical areas and multiple terrain types including land and sea. This has the potential to create numerous everyday false alarms from triggers such as maintenance contractors, security patrols, wildlife and environmental factors, which can flood the control centre with alarms and alerts. Individually investigating each one of these events is unfeasible”, explains Adlan Hussain, Marketing Manager at CNL Software.

“IPsecuritycenter provides the means to aggregate intelligence from PIDS sensors and other security systems to help quickly distinguish real incidents from false alarms. This significantly improves operational efficiency, preparedness and increases response times. We are looking forward to working with Senstar and supporting them to provide their customers with integrated perimeter intrusion detection solutions” he concluded..

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