CNL integrates with Jacques Technologies

Camberley, Surrey (UK) and Queensland, Australia

A new integration partnership between CNL Software and Jacques Technologies’ IP Communications System via a High Level Interface (HLI) between IPsecuritycenter and Jacques IP Communication System allows organisations to create a Common Operating Picture (COP) of their entire infrastructure for all stakeholders through the integration of all security assets. It allows users to maximize their existing investment in equipment and seamlessly deploy new technologies, creating significant cost savings through efficient use of all security resources.

Formalised under the CNL Software Technology Alliance Program (TAP), the partnership will bring together Jacques Technologies’ world class IP Communications Systems with the Ipsecuritycenter PSIM integrated situation management solution: offering real-time situational awareness with reliable communication with a range of end points such as video and audio intercom, emergency help point units and public-address systems.

The Jacques IP Communications System has been designed and developed to meet the virtually limitless requirements unique to any industry application. The system is suited to applications where reliable, high quality voice and/or video communication is required.

“This partnership confirms both CNL Software’s and Jacques’s commitment to open partnerships, moving away from the very limited scope of traditional proprietary systems”, commented Adlan Hussain, VP Marketing at CNL Software. “Integrating Ipsecuritycenter with Jacques IP Communications System provides users the power and flexibility of Ipsecuritycenter, along with the robust communications capabilities offered by Jacques Technologies.”


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