CNL focuses on IoT within physical security

Knaphill, Surrey (UK)

As a Founding Member of the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF), CNL Software is helping to shape the future of IoT within organisational security. It comes at a time when organisations across the globe are beginning to understand the importance of IoT to physical security.

CNL Software has a long history of technology innovation and industry leadership, working with the world’s leading physical security systems vendors and its global customer base to help define functional and operational standards and best practices for security systems. As the relevance and importance of the IoT to the physical security community increases, CNL Software aims to continue its pioneering work as a founding member of the IoTSF; helping to shape the future of the IoT within the physical security domain.

As technology and connectivity costs continue to fall, the benefits of the IoT across sectors such as manufacturing, energy, transport, health and public infrastructure has become increasingly attractive and realisable. The economic opportunity for those diverse connected systems is often estimated in trillions of dollars and employing billions of devices.

Along with the opportunity comes the security challenge: with more and more devices becoming connected, the attack surface for adversaries is larger, more visible and potentially target-rich. What is considered secure today may not be tomorrow. The IoTSF has been formed as a response to these existing and emerging threats in IoT applications.

Analyst firm Gartner predicts that global spending on security for the devices that fall under the IoT will reach $348 million this year, a 23.7 percent increase from 2015’s spending of $281.5 million. This is set to increase to a spending of $547 million on IoT security by 2018.

“IoT security is an increasing concern for executives. Along with the technical challenges, IoT security has reached the board room agenda. With more than just reputations at stake, it is imperative that technology providers, system adopters and users work together to ensure security is fit-for-purpose. It is fundamental to the adoption of systems and reaping the social and business benefits”, explains Keith Bloodworth, CEO of CNL Software. “CNL Software has joined the IoT Security Foundation so we can take a lead in efforts to ensure any benefits of IoT are not undermined by providing a larger, more vulnerable attack surface.”


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