Cameras powered by Pixim Seawolf chip win major awards

Mountain View, Ca (USA)

The Pixim Seawolf chip is a key component in two award-winning cameras at the 2012 New Product Showcase (NPS) awards at ISC West in Las Vegas.
The BC620WDR network camera by TKH Security Solutions won the Judges' Choice award which is given to the product that, in the opinion of the judges, deserves recognition for its unique approach to a security solution. The BC620WDR facilitates system upgrades, such as those from analogue to IP or the incorporation of video analytics, while at the same time reusing existing fibre, coax, or Cat 5 network infrastructures.

"Our markets require excellent image quality 24/7, and the lighting conditions are often quite demanding," said Robert Germain, product manager for cameras at TKH Security Solutions. "Additionally, a clean image is required for the optimal performance of our on-board analytics. For these dynamic requirements, we found that Seawolf suits our customers' needs best."

Additionally, the Interlogix Ultraview XP4 camera series won in the Video Surveillance Cameras SD solution category for cameras that operate under CCTV standards. The Interlogix Ultraview XP4 Series of CCTV cameras offer a one-size-fits-all solution that combines industry leading wide dynamic range and extreme low light performance in one package.

Based on the Seawolf chip, the TKH Security Solutions and the Interlogix cameras have an effective resolution of 690 HTVL as well as the industry's proven best wide dynamic range, capturing accurate images even in the most challenging, mixed lighting conditions. In addition, the cameras require just 0.1 lux of illumination to produce usable, colour images at a full 30 frames per second.

"Pixim understands that the right imaging chip can be used as the base for the finest, leading-edge cameras," says John Monti, vice president of marketing and business development for Pixim. "It's gratifying to see our partners take the best of Pixim, add their own strengths and innovations, and use the combination to create award-winning cameras."

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