Brickcom 3M wireless LTE outdoor bullet

Hsinchu, Taiwan

The Unique-Series bullet camera - GOB-300Np Star-LTE is the newest professional bullet camera addition to the Brickcom range, and it is equipped with a 4G module; consumers are able to enjoy the full-HD quality images with high-speed transmission efficiency and also save the cost of wiring the installation.

The GOB-300Np Star-LTE is designed for diverse and particular outdoor applications. With the IK10 vandal proof metal housing, IP67 waterproof outdoor enclosure and built-in fan and heater, it can deliver stable and reliable and outstanding images in changeable weather conditions. Moreover, with Brickcom software technology, the camera will automatically detect the cameras’ internal temperature; when the internal temperature is abnormal, the camera will send out the alarm to notify users about the issue to protect both camera and users.

The GOB-300Np Star-LTE is equipped with back-illuminated pixel technology and Brickcom 3D-DNR technology which enable the camera to deliver crystal clear images with ultra smooth streaming quality. According to Brickcom, the outstanding low lux performance is particularly eye-catching and is extraordinary for the market.

Brickcom I-Mode technology has been designed so that users can build an easy-to-use platform and select the appropriate mode more efficiently than before. Brickcom collects various different environment specific factors to set up a suitable parameter for each scenario and saves them in the camera for default use, the user can therefore select an appropriate scene mode based on their needs, it just take 3 seconds to finish the camera setting. I-Stream technology helps users to smartly allocate bandwidth and effectively increase the surveillance capacity and maintain high video quality as well as effectively saving storage space, especially for environments where there may be bandwidth limitations.

With Brickcom Smart Focus technology and Smart IR technology, GOB-300Np Star-LTE can automatically adjust for the suitable optical setting for different environments to benefit from the most effective performance for the application. In addition, the Brickcom software technology (Open VPN) provides users with a greater variety of video integration solutions.

The GOB-300Np Star-LTE will be available in December 2015.


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