Brickcom wins 17th Golden Peak Award

Taipei, Taiwan

Brickcom, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, has received the 17th Golden Peak Award for both ‘2016 Golden Peak Award of Outstanding Enterprises of the Year in Taiwan, R.O.C.’ and the ‘2016 Golden Peak Award of Outstanding R&D Works of the Year in Taiwan, R.O.C.’ which was held by OEMA (Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association) in Taiwan.

In order to praise the outstanding enterprises and professional leaders, the Golden Peak Award has been dedicated to enhancing the industry competition, and creating innovative reforms to keep up with the world trends. Brickcom stood out from over 500 enterprises in the competition, for both the ‘2016 Golden Peak Award of Outstanding Enterprises of the Year in Taiwan, R.O.C.’ and ‘2016 Golden Peak Award of Outstanding R&D Works of the Year in Taiwan, R.O.C.’through its effective leadership, corporate image and its professional and innovative R&D ability.

Brickcom was founded in 2009 by Dr. Huang Yong-Xiang and his team, previously from a world-leading wireless broadband solution company. According to the company, he breaks the communication gap between levels, and realises the horizontal organisations which make communication more flexible and reactionary to the rapid market demands. Moreover, Dr. Huang also encourages team members to express their expectations and suggestions for the company, to build a human-based work environment, and actively carry out social welfare, care for disadvantaged groups and contribute to society.

To adapt to the various demands throughout the world, Brickcom integrates the supply chain management and technology such as internet transmission and digital monitoring, hence developing a complete one-stop shopping service for IP surveillance and accessories for the sake of providing a convenient shopping environment for consumers. Meanwhile, Brickcom aggressively distributes global layout and strategic alliance with the distributors for innovative breakthroughs around the world. With this global vision and strategy, Brickcom provides a multiple and complete professional safety surveillance equipment and service, the products are equipped with many features like crystal image quality, superior night vision, real-time transmission and wireless applications, which has als won many international and professional affirmations, becoming the equipment provider for governmental projects now and setting up the latest video surveillance systems within many countries. During only a few years, Brickcom has become a global IP surveillance solution provider, a new brand with global vision.

In addition, the other ‘2016 Golden Peak Award of Outstanding R&D Works of the Year in R.O.C.’ was for the 'Focus-Easy' solution launched by Brickcom - a unique and innovative technology enabling users to focus a camera easier and faster. The concept of Focus-Easy is ease of use, like the car reverse radar, and without any extra equipment and still maintaining image focus. During the focusing process, information can be relayed to the installer via the buzzer. When the image draws closer to focus, the buzzer beeps faster. Focus-Easy significantly simplifies installation and reduces the labour time. Therefore, the installer can quickly complete focusing and gain a excellent image quality. Focus-Easy is registered by Brickcom and affirmed by domestic and overseas patents since it breaks the stereotypes of focusing technology by photographers, leading the world and setting a milestone for safety surveillance industry.


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