Brickcom I-Stream intelligent storage space saver

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Brickcom Corporation's newly released Brickcom I-Stream technology aims to help users to allocate bandwidth smartly and effectively as well as saving storage space.

As more and more surveillance consumers seek superior IP camera technologies such as higher resolution, higher frame rate and other intelligent software functions, limited bandwidth becomes a big challenge meaning that most users are forced to encode the video in their camera and sacrifice the image quality to fit the NVR’s bandwidth limitations, or they have limited storage space in which to save valuable evidence.

Brickcom has developed I-Stream technology to reduce the bandwidth consumption when transmitting data but still keep the important details for the consumers. Users can define numbers of regions of interest and the system will automatically calculate the most suitable bitrate allocation for the interest areas and non-interest background. Or users can manually adjust an ideal setting for both the areas of interest or not. I-Stream technology achieves the proposal of providing a superior image quality of valuable regions whilst at the same time lowering down the bandwidth consumption of other background information to create more storage space for the users. Experiments by Brickcom have shown that I-Stream can save at least 30% of bandwidth in various scenarios.

I-Stream is supported on all Brickcom cameras (except OB-E200Nf & VD-E200Nf), specifically to help users to increase the surveillance capacity and maintain the high video quality, especially for environments where bandwidth limitations are present. I-Stream is designed to benefit users with more flexibility wherever they are. The I-Stream technology will be available in July 2015.


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