Brickcom now an authorised Apple MFi  Licensee

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Brickom MFi Apple manufacturing license

Brickom attains MFi manufacturing license

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, has been successful in attaining the MFi Manufacturing License and is now a fully authorised MFi manufacturer.

The MFi Manufacturing License, has been designed as a symbol of the best quality and compatibility with Apple products such as Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, and Airplay audio accessories, it guarantees that the products have passed the certification tests specified by Apple to meet Apple's performance standards. With this license, Brickcom can not only legally manufacture the electronic accessories related to Apple, but also provide the products with tested reliable high quality compatability for the customers.

In addition to producing IP cameras, NVRs, and network accessories, Brickcom is dedicated to offering a wide range of solutions, including cloud services, smart home applications, and end-to-end security solutions in order to give customers a much more complete and reliable service. Being a member of the MFi programme, Brickcom aims to strive to be at the top and create a promising future for its customers.

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