Dahua smart residential solution secures prestige complex

Astana, Kazakhstan and Hangzhou, China

BI-City Tokyo is located in Nur-Sultan (Astana), the capital city of Kazakhstan. It is a high-end residential complex of BI Group – a leading construction holding company in the Kazakhstan real estate market. 

At present, three apartment buildings with public areas and more than 400 apartment units have been completed. Aiming to create modern high-end intelligent buildings and residential areas, the BI Group wanted to upgrade the existing analogue video intercom system of BI-City Tokyo.

The original analogue intercom system in this community was outdated and no longer met the diverse and specific requirements in terms of technology, versatility, flexibility and ability to sustain performance in extreme weather environments. 

Faced with these challenges, in addition BI Group was also looking for a trustworthy brand that was able to provide not only a modern smart system but also technical support and reliable after-sales service. Meeting all the above requirements, Dahua smart residential solution was chosen to be the security solution provider of BI-City Tokyo.

The complete solution deployed more than 300 pieces of Dahua equipment, including Indoor Monitor, Apartment Outdoor Station, IP Camera, Access ANPR camera, video recorder, etc. The solution supports two-way audio intercom, real-time video and a messaging feature. In addition, a variety of door opening methods were also implemented: door opening via remote calling, door opening using access card, and remote door opening via APP. Additionally, all the equipment can be visualised and integrated in the Dahua DSS platform for centralised management, operation and maintenance.

Moreover, the temperatures here can reach up to 40 degrees below zero in winter season. This requires high-performance outdoor devices featuring dust and water resistance, and explosion-proof capability. In response to this pressing challenge, the Dahua apartment outdoor station VTO1210C-X-S1 and access ANPR camera ITC237-PW1B-IRZ that support wide working temperature ranges were installed at the entrance of the apartment building for more effective visitor and vehicle management.

When a visitor arrives at the entrance of the apartment building and dials a resident’s room number through the Dahua apartment outdoor station, the camera installed at the entrance will synchronise the video with the visitor’s image captured in the resident’s indoor monitor. Once the visitor’s identity is confirmed, the resident just needs to press the button on the indoor monitor to open the door remotely. With the Dahua app, users can even answer calls and open doors remotely when they are out at work or travelling.

As for vehicles, Dahua access ANPR camera ITC237-PW1B-IRZ is designed for extreme temperature environments (temperature range of -40°C to +60°C). With built-in intelligent video analytics, the camera has the ability to detect and recognise a moving vehicle's plate number at low speed. For both approaching and departing vehicles, the access ANPR camera takes a snapshot of the number plate and vehicle overview picture, as well as recording corresponding surveillance videos. By setting a whitelist, the camera can automatically control the barrier or gate to open if a plate number recorded in the whitelist has been recognised.

The public areas including children's playground, fitness areas, as well as the lobby are covered by a 2MP IR mini dome network camera, IPC-HDBW4231E-ASE, 2MP and 3MP IR mini-bullet network camera. The Starlight Ultra-low Light Technology of IPC-HDBW4231E-ASE offers effective light sensitivity, capturing colour details under low light conditions up to 0.002lux. The camera uses a set of optical features to balance light throughout the scene, resulting in clear images in dark environments.

Dahua smart residential solution provides an integrated management platform for the management personnel of BI-City Tokyo. It assists in the remote and visual management of the property and improves the services and facilities they offer. A security guard at the entrance is not needed anymore to manage entering and exiting vehicles, which saves labour costs, reduces the waiting time of vehicles and improves traffic efficiency. In addition, the all-round monitoring of the public areas within BI-City Tokyo greatly improves the safety level of the entire community. The video intercom system of the building provides a variety of convenient door opening methods, enhancing the resident’s living experience.

“We adopted an analogue solution in the first phase. From the second phase, we replaced all of the analogue system with Dahua’s IP video intercom solution. We hope that Dahua will help us complete the solution planning for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth phases”. Said Arman, General Manager of BI Group.


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