Axis launches smart security radar

Lund, Sweden

The Axis D2110-VE security radar is a smart, network-based security device and uses advanced radar technology to offer extensive area coverage.

Axis Communications is releasing the Axis D2110-VE security radar, a smart, network-based security device that uses advanced radar technology to offer extensive area coverage, while also providing the position and speed of an object. It is designed for area protection in a variety of outdoor installations such as industrial areas or after-hours monitoring of car parks and loading docks.

Built-in analytics developed using machine learning and deep learning means it can accurately detect, classify, and track people and vehicles with a low false alarm rate. Featuring PoE-out, it is designed to be simple to connect and power an external device, such as a camera for visual verification or a network horn speaker to remotely address people and deter unwanted activity.

Additional key features include extensive 180° area coverage, built-in analytics and smart coexistence functionality.

Featuring the new generation Axis chip, this cost-effective product includes enhanced security features such as signed firmware and secure boot. Furthermore, smart coexistence functionality allows the use of multiple radars close to each other. For instance, it is possible to mount two radars back-to-back for complete 360° coverage.


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