Axis focuses on Smart Cities in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Axis together with its partners will demonstrate cutting edge smart city solutions at this year’s Smart City Expo World Congress, 14-16 November, in Barcelona.

Smart cities use cameras, sensors and other connected technology to increase liveability and improve the management of the city’s assets. A key part of the smart city concept is that of a safe city, where authorities strive to reduce crime rates and provide citizens with a lasting sense of security. As the market leader in network video, Axis helps cities achieve this vision, and together with partners also provides smart video solutions that improve the urban traffic flow.

Safety is often the main driver for a smart city initiative. Axis video solutions provide clear return on safety investments, turning reactive forensics into proactive real-time security. Using Axis cameras and partnered expertise, including facial recognition and even drone detection, city authorities can automatically spot potential incidents and manage events as they happen. Through triggered lighting and audio or direct two-way communication, they can often deter an incident in progress. If not, they have all the information needed for a rapid response and successful investigation. Axis video solutions can be found in smart city projects worldwide. One example is Detroit’s safety initiative Project Green Light that is centered on Genetec’s unified security platform, allowing for efficient incident management and collaborative response.

Closely related to safety is the area of mobility, where Axis also has a dedicated offering. Together with the offering from Citilog, an Axis company, Axis video solutions can swiftly detect traffic accidents or violations, as well as provide comprehensive data for improving traffic flow. The result is not only faster emergency response and better utilisation of existing infrastructure, but also happier commuters.

Whether deterring crime or reducing road congestion, Axis cameras are versatile tools that support the entire incident management chain. By providing detailed, high-quality video in even the most difficult conditions, they offer the best possible platform for optimising situational awareness and operational efficiency. In this way, Axis solutions support municipal leadership in meeting the demands and wishes of citizens. By reducing crime, making public areas secure and helping traffic flow smoothly, they contribute to creating an appealing, prosperous city, where life and business runs smoothly.

More about Axis technology and the possibilities created with Axis partners Genetec (Unified security platform), Dedrone (Automatic anti-drone security), Herta (Hi-tech facial recognition) and Sorama (Acoustic source localisation and classification), will be on display at Smart City Expo World Congress 2017.


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