Avigilon introduces 360 degree fisheye camera line

Vancouver, Canada

Avigilon Corporation is expanding its H4 camera line with the introduction of the Avigilon H4 fisheye camera line (the “H4 Fisheye”).

Targeting the fastest growing segment within the global IP surveillance camera market, the H4 Fisheye is designed to provide a complete high resolution 360-degree panoramic view, eliminating blind spots. The H4 Fisheye is available in 6 and 12 megapixel camera resolutions, providing effective frame rates of up to 30 and 20 frames per second respectively. Available for order now, the H4 Fisheye is video analytics-ready and, in conjunction with future software upgrades, will provide immediate access to some of the strongest video analytics patent portfolios and technology.

“The Avigilon H4 Fisheye camera line is an exceptional product engineered for the fastest growing segment within the global IP camera market,” said Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi, Avigilon’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President. “With a 360-degree panoramic view and PTZ technology, it preserves full situational awareness.”


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