Arteco develops ALPR app for WisenetIII

Faenza, Italy

Arteco, a market leading manufacturer of video event management software (VEMS) solutions has developed an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) application that can be run on board Samsung Techwin’s open platform WisenetIII cameras and domes.

The Arteco ALPR application has been developed for access control purposes and is designed to be deployed in airports, ports, car parks, distribution centres, industrial parks and critical infrastructure type environments where there is a need to keep tight control on the movement of vehicles.  It is supported by Arteco-Logic Next VEMS and is able to read license plates at a rate of over one every two seconds with vehicles moving at speeds of up to 50Km/h.

A key feature of the ALPR application is its ability to store JPEG images remotely via FTP on a server with the JPEG filename containing the plate string, date and time of capture and with the help of a user friendly interface, it can be configured  for event triggering, alerts and notifications whenever pre-defined plate numbers are read.

Samsung Techwin’s open platform WisenetIII DSP chipset is at the heart of the company’s latest generation of 1.3, 2 and 3 megapixel high definition video surveillance cameras.  It offers users the freedom to utilise the video management software (VMS) that best matches specific project requirements. The processing power of the WisenetIII DSP chipset also enables it to run multiple edge based applications such as Arteco ALPR, as well as video analytics, facial recognition and people counting solutions, which can be downloaded in a similar way to adding apps to a Smartphone. 

"The availability of the Arteco ALPR application is a welcome addition to a fast growing list of applications that are being developed to run on board the WisenetIII family of cameras,” said Peter Ainsworth, Head of Product and Marketing at Samsung Techwin Europe Limited. "Tests throughout Europe have shown that the application will work highly effectively with any of the WisenetIII models but where 24/7 monitoring is required, the IR LEDs built into a number of the cameras and domes, will ensure a high level of performance, regardless of the lighting conditions.”

"We are excited about the opportunity of working with a prestigious name like Samsung on the world market,” said Enrico Viarani, Chief Technology Officer at Arteco. "The quality and high performance of the Samsung Techwin WisenetIII processor fits in perfectly with the architecture of the ALPR application and we have high hopes for its success globally."

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