ANPR-based automated vehicle access control system

Northumberland, UK

Derwent CCTV is launching REG-SENTRY(tm), its first ANPR-based automated vehicle access control system.

Designed to make life easy for installers the system can be installed as either a stand-alone solution or it can be
quickly integrated with existing access control equipment. REG-SENTRY allows the user to easily configure the system from any linked PC to permit or bar entry to any vehicle attempting to enter a secure site.

Users upload number plate data using the PC based Sentry-Viewer software, creating their own custom White/Black list. The REG camera captures the number plate of any vehicle approaching an access control point and sends that data to the REG-SENTRY control box which processes the information, compares it to the list and sends a signal to the access barrier to open or remain closed.

The package comprises of a REG-SENTRY control box with embedded processing engine, a choice of Derwent's field proven REG number plate capture cameras to accommodate a range of required capture distances plus
easy to use Sentry-Viewer software. Together the system delivers a flexible, user friendly ANPR solution for a wide range of access control applications.

The REG-SENTRY black/white list can contain up to 10,000 licence numbers and will be supplied with a full European number plate recognition library. Data can be easily uploaded to, or downloaded from, any PC. The REG-SENTRY can also be supplied without a camera to allow users to upgrade existing ANPR systems. The Sentry Viewer C source code will be release by Derwent to users for ease of integration into back office applications.

REG-Sentry can be used to control any vehicle access barrier, including those guarding car parks, gated communities, factories, warehouses, offices, schools and colleges.

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