Airlive network surveillance solution at Intersec 2015

Dubai, U.A.E

Airlive will be participating at the forthcoming Intersec Dubai show where the company will showcase its latest surveillance networking solutions innovation products.  There will be a live demo on independent motion investigation via the Core NVR, IP Cam, and Speed Dome and the display will include the Smart Focus IP Cam, IVS IP Cam, 5 & 2 megapixel fisheye IP Cams, Device Guard PoE switch and wireless networking solutions.

At the corporate stand Airlive will be arranging an independent motion investigation live demo that selects the BC-5010 camera in cooperation with the advanced functions of the Core NVR16 to provide 3 varied-setting alerts simultaneously when persons, vehicles, or objects enter into the restricted areas. In addition, the Airlive SD-2020 speed dome camera facilitates incident investigations and identifications with quality video images. The Airlive speed dome series is designed for investigating objects within 5 seconds. It is a suitable solution for big project such as train stations, airports, highways, and other highly-secure buildings and areas. The additional smart tracking function is also a good choice for businesses during out of hours security.

The Airlive IVS IP Cam series includes enhanced video tracking for easy recording, system efficiency enhancement, and system load reduction. This series is ideal for installation in public spaces such as airports, stadiums, border posts, offices, shopping centres and buildings where it necessary to monitor and analyse the movement of people and objects. Featuring detection capabilities and face recognition, these cameras have built-in intelligent video analytics (IVS) offering a wide range of capabilities thgat can be extremely useful for implementing a video surveillance system at a professional level.

The Airlive fisheye IP Cam series provides panoramic view monitoring to prevent tall objects blocking the field of view, including 2MP and 5MP resolution, both equipped with high quality sensors and lens to provide clear video quality. Supporting ROI and E-PTZ functions, the Airlive Fisheye IP Cam provides more efficient surveillance and more convenient control of the viewing angle on each split screen. The 5MP Fisheye IP Cam supports Independent streams to enhance varied-view efficacy.

Airlive Storage management provides options with both the 9 and 16 channel Core NVR (plus CMS), and an up-coming  4-channel NVR to support a completed surveillance solution system.

The Device Guard Switch is a PoE switch which acts as a guard for the whole system, and it will automatically re-power the PoE IP camera or AP, when the switch detects that a particular IP camera or access point is not working or has been disconnected.

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