Airlive technology protects Venezuelan airbase

Taipei, Taiwan

The military airbase “Teniente Luis del Valle García”, in Venezuela, has implemented a system of video surveillance and security based on Airlive IP cameras. This military base trains fighter pilots in the flight simulator with the latest technology to command the fleet of war aircraft the Sukhoi MK30. These aircraft and all units of the complex are already monitored and protected by Airlive cameras.

The military base needed to protect and secure all internal and external complex facilities. To achieve this goal, the integrator in charge of the project recommended the implementation of an IP video surveillance system based on Airlive domes.

The solution chosen by the Airlive partner included the installation of four speed domes- Airlive SD-2020 because its high speed PTZ zoom can quickly monitor any event happens at the base. These domes are responsible for monitoring the entire perimeter of the complex and the nearby sites, offering high quality image and highly precise performance, backed by modern patrol functions and cruise for surveillance at night.

In addition, nine Airlive OD-2050HD cameras were deployed in all areas inside the complex. These cameras provide continuous monitoring in all units of the training centre, especially the command office, classroom training and flight simulator hall, where the latest technology instruments are equipped. There are two latest generation servers complete the solution to protect the images and all the information generated in the training centre.

After the tests, the video surveillance system based on Airlive technology is working effectively and, according to the company, meets the initial expectations expressed by those responsible for the military base.  With this project, Airlive believes it is now positioned to step forward in offering a high performance solution for the defence sector in Venezuela.


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