Affordable solution unifies banking security

Montreal, Canada

Genetec unified solutions bundle specifically tailored for bank branches and ATMs.

A new Unified Solutions Bundle for financial institutions from Genetec provides an all-in-one offering, specifically tailored to help banks with small and mid-sized branches and ATMs manage security,  make more informed decisions, and collaborate to close incident cases more quickly. The Unified Solutions Bundle combines several easy-to-install, enterprise-class Genetec products, at an affordable price for financial institutions.

"Traditionally, financial institutions with small or mid-sized branch locations and ATMs worked with multiple physical security technology and analytics suppliers to combine solutions that were not designed to work together. This created inefficiency and introduced cyber security vulnerabilities, challenging maintenance, and operational situations which increased costs. Our Unified Solutions Bundle solves that problem by bringing security, operations and business intelligence together into one single interface, reducing operator overload and improving efficiency. With Genetec Security Center at the core of this bundle, banking customers can be confident knowing that their solutions are deployed following cyber security best practices," explained Rob Borsch, Commercial & Practice Lead at Genetec.

With this new bundle, and the Genetec Security Center unified platform at its core, financial institutions will be able to make the most of their existing security infrastructure to develop strategies to attract and retain customers, reduce fraud losses, and close cases quickly. By using embedded analytics tools to analyze the vast amounts of data and video already being collected, they can make better-informed decisions about staffing and how to manage the flow of people. This can help them become more competitive and have a significant positive impact on their customers' journey.

A unified system can also improve overall branch security by giving personnel all the information they need, including alarms and associated video footage, on mobile devices or at their central operations center so they are ready to respond quickly. In an emergency, an IP-based physical security system that includes a map-based interface showing a location's cameras, doors, and other devices, can make all the difference.

The Genetec Unified Bundle features a Streamvault turnkey appliance, pre-loaded with the Genetec Security Center unified platform, and other software including Omnicast IP vms system, Synergis IP based access control, Autovu ALPR, Camera Integrity Monitor module, Retail Sense advanced consumer intelligence and a free 90-day license of the Genetec Clearance digital evidence management system.


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