Acti helps maximize retail efficiencies

Taipei, Taiwan

Acti Corporation, an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider founded in 2003, is offering end-to-end solutions using intelligent video analytics and POS integration to help store owners understand customer profiles, behaviours and shopping patterns to create more sales opportunities and optimise store operations.

The retail industry is suffering from huge losses day-to-day due to unauthorised discounts, known as sweethearting, or common theft. Prevention and detection of such events can easily be managed through the integration of the POS system data and video recording from the cashier area.

In case of any POS exception, shop-owners can quickly be notified about it, validate the occurrence with video and later use this as evidence if needed. 

Acti's incident management can recognise blacklisted customers along with other detections, such as negative emotion and speech, as well as automatically handling the incidents to increase customers' willingness to purchase.


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