Hiqview 5MP 360° dome IP camera

Hiqview, a leading manufacturer and solution provider of IP surveillance, has recently launched a 5 megapixel panoramic dome IP camera, the HIQ-5573, which provides360° surveillance without blind spots.

The Hiqview HIQ-5573 is an indoor dome IP camera equipped with a 1/3.2” progressive scan CMOS image sensor that generates images in 5 megapixel resolution. As it is coupled with a 1.19mm fish eye lens, the HIQ-5573 offers 360° surveillance, removing the necessity to install many cameras, and able to guard an area without blind spots.

The 360° panorama view generated by the camera offers crystal clear images without distortion through image correction technology, and further, it supports full panoramic images with multiple monitoring modes at different angles. The E-PTZ control is the most important function of the 360° panorama IP camera as it is an intuitive simple operation, providing a pleasing user experience.

The images can be compressed into three formats: H.264/MPEG4 (3GPP only)/MJPEG, that are available in multiple resolutions: 2592*1944/ 2048*1536/ 1600*1200/ 1280*960/ 640*480/320*240/ 176*144. The user is able to select a suitable streaming format based on the different bandwidth resources available.

The 3-axis adjustable structure design allows for easy adjustment of the viewing area to any required angle with fast and hassle-free installation.

The network configuration of the camera is designed to be easy and hassle-free. The installation tool offered as part of the package, allows for the the HIQ-5573 IP camera to be easily located when connected to the internet. The analogue video output allows the user to connect the IP camera directly to an analogue monitor locally. The HIQ-5573 is also designed to support 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) for ease of installation as no additional power lines are needed in this case. Consequently, this solution results in a total power line cost reduction for medium to large sized system deployments.

This 5 megapixel 360° panorama IP camera has an array of rich surveillance functions including alarm, SD card local storage, and 2 way audio, and the GUI design is based on a user-friendly principle. The built-in open platform web server provides remote users with real time video through an internet browser. In addition, the accompanying free-bundled NVR software provided with HIQ-5573 offers users the possibility to create their own video surveillance and system management via their PC.

According to Hiqview, one HIQ-5573 panorama IP camera can have a positive effect on the number of cameras used in an application, resulting in a total cost saving across the installation, cabling, configuration and maintenance. The HIQ-5573 is ideal for any open indoor environments, such as important entrances, lobbies, shopping malls, classrooms, medical institutes, retail stores and offices.

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