Zavio simplifies IP Camera setup

Taipei, Taiwan

IP suveillance via MSN

When installing an IP surveillance system, users may need someone who knows the network system well to setup some "Port Forwarding" and "DDNS" settings, making the cameras available on the internet. This is because that most users do not know how to do such setups, and there are no specific standards of doing this as subjected to the network environment and the router/switch that used. This may stop most of the people to buy a pack of cameras simply from a shop and bring them home to install.

Now, there is a much easier solution available from the market. Zavio sees this problem and have successfully developed a brand new solution of it - by using the Windows Live Messenger as a tool to access to Zavio IP cameras.

No more complicated settings are required, users can just login to the camera and setup an account, and then use the Live Messenger to get video from their IP camera(s), do some easy setups, or to get the correct IP address for further use. Without complicated configurations of the network devices, such as setup to firewalls and routers, users can now watch LIVE of site(s) via Zavio IP cameras as easy as what you can think of.

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