Xtralis releases new additions to Vesda line

Rolle, Switzerland

The Vesda E VES is available with European and Australian certification.

Xtralis is launching its new Vesda-E VES in Europe & Australia.  The new models are additions to the VESDA-E range, and have been designed to set a new benchmark in the ASD industry and are available with European and Australian certification.

Built on the Flair detection technology and developed from over 30 years application experience, VES provides superior detection performance, greater tolerance to nuisance alarms and the added benefit of Sector Addressability in a wide range of applications. Sector Addressability offers individual pipe alarm threshold and alarm output setting to enable more effective response.

The Vesda-E VES can identify and monitor smoke density by individual sampling pipe (sector) which allows a single zone to be divided into four separate sectors; for example, distinguishing between separate aisles within a data room.

Sector addressability enables the user to respond to a potential fire event quickly by reducing the search area. The Vesda-E VES has four programable alarm thresholds (Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2) per pipe that allows flexible field application. After the detector identifies the first sector to reach the Alert threshold it continues to sample from all sectors to report real time status per sector via the intuitive touch screen display.

Built on the Flair detection technology and years of application experience the Vesda-E VES detector offers very early warning with effective dust rejection throughout its lifetime.


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