Versatile, smart gas detection with easy deployment

Arras, France

The Itrans 2 gas detector from Teledyne Flir Gas & Flame Detection comes in an explosion proof housing. Image credit: Teledyne Flir Gas & Flame Detection

The Itrans 2 fixed gas detector from Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection offers smart sensor capabilities that support an intelligent electronics platform provides one or two points of detection from a single head for maximum flexibility, with both readings shown on the standard-issue, LED and display. Gas sensors are mountable directly to the transmitter, or remotely.

There are many prerequisites when it comes to gas detection, not least maximum flexibility, increased performance and minimal installation costs. Add in modern expectations such as smart features and the ability to detect explosive, toxic or asphyxiant gases, and the list of potential solutions soon becomes short.

For the detection of explosive and toxic gas, or oxygen, the Itrans 2 accepts infrared, catalytic bead or electrochemical sensors. Specifically, in addition to the LEL (lower explosive limit) sensor range, the Itrans 2 is configurable with a 0-100% volume methane infrared sensor for bio-gas applications and CO2 infrared sensors ranging from 0.5% to 100% volume. All are pre-calibrated using smart technology to enable automatic sensor recognition and data transfer. The device displays sensor life data automatically after each calibration.

Offering cable-saving and time-saving installation, the Itrans 2 is suitable for almost any application via common configurations that include 3-wire (4-20mA) and 4-wire (digital Modbus) models. Both allow for full utilisation of the gas detector’s features and options, and use with all Itrans 2 sensors.

Itrans 2 offers analogue 4-20mA and digital RS-485 Modbus (9600 baud) outputs. The HART communication protocol is optional, enabling remote communication across the 4-20mA signal for diagnostics, commissioning and calibration. A simple magnetic wand further aids ease of use by allowing full transmitter configuration and calibration without opening the explosion-proof housing.

The housing comes as standard in epoxy-coated aluminium, with an optional 316 stainless steel version available for corrosive environments. Operating temperature is -40°C to +75°C. Although this robust specification is ideal for many heavy industry applications, the Itrans 2 is equally at home in smaller systems and boiler rooms, for example. Indeed, this tried and tested gas detector is suitable for sectors that extend from oil and gas, offshore drilling, utilities and petrochemical, through to water and wastewater treatment, and food and beverage production. Certifications include CSA, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, CCC and China Ex.

Notably, the microprocessor-controlled transmitters are capable of plug and play, stand-alone operation or multi-point system configuration. The monitor’s stand-alone operational ability arrives courtesy of optional onboard relays that can activate alarms, horns or fans, and can also shut down a system without the need for return wiring to a central control panel.


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