Synectics launches latest Synergy software upgrade

Sheffield, South Yorkshire (UK)

Synectics, a leader in advanced security and surveillance systems, is launching its latest Synergy software release. Tools for improved incident management and team collaboration dominate the features list, with a new mobile app, simplified web-based system access, and remote camera sharing among the latest additions.

Synergy’s new mobile app is designed to deliver coordinated security management beyond the control room. The app offers seamless task management. Users can easily assign and schedule tasks, streamlining operations for routine security checks along patrol routes or responding to Synergy alerts. This customisable on-screen guidance is designed to uphold Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring adherence to protocols with ease and efficiency.

Additionally, users can update control room teams on tasks completed with the touch of a button and send additional notes pertinent to the assignment, from photos to written files.

Dan Noble, Head of Product Strategy – Synergy, said, "Incident prevention and response are most successful when everyone clearly understands their role. This is particularly true in emergencies, where things can easily be missed and duplicated efforts can waste precious time. Our aim with the app is to help organisations avoid these pitfalls by giving them an easy mechanism to communicate with and coordinate staff on the ground.”

Remote access made simple

Synergy allows multiple users to securely view footage, control PTZ cameras, and access additional functionality via a web browser.

Whether used by security managers working at home, centralised teams managing satellite sites, police stationed in third-party facilities or field-based personnel, Synergy ensures everyone has what they need at their fingertips.

Share footage with key stakeholders

This latest release also features remote camera sharing, rounding out the new coordination and collaboration tools that are now available. Remote camera sharing can be delivered via Synergy-to-Synergy systems or DVNP technology if the other party is not a Synergy user.

This functionality allows organisations to grant remote sites and third parties access to live camera feeds for defined periods, offering a secure route for sharing intelligence while retaining data control.

With full encryption, audit trails and the ability to specify which cameras specific individuals can access, Synergy’s remote camera sharing is likely to be of particular interest to organisations seeking a safe, GDPR-compliant mechanism for either multi-site or multi-agency camera sharing as part of coordinated security operations.

Other notable enhancements include NMEA radar integration within Synergy’s mapping functionality for automatic target tracking and vessel classification and Angel Eye gaming shoe integration, which provides live baccarat gaming results alongside video footage.


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