Surveon logistics solution ensures work efficiency

Taipei, Taiwan

Surveon has recently launched logistics solutions to overcome the problems at distribution centres.

As international trade and e-commerce rapidly grow, trucking and freight distribution centres continuously expand, the surveillance system plays a more vital role in distribution centres to overcome the security challenges and reduce potential damages. Surveon logistics solutions provide effective camera functions, patented RAID NVRs, foreign object detection, face-identified access control and remote monitoring aimed at solving most distribution centre security problems.

Surveon offers a variety of end-to-end video surveillance solutions catering to different vertical applications, designed to give partners reliable options for their projects. The company has recently launched logistics solutions to overcome the problems of distribution centres.

From HDR cameras, patented RAID NVRs to built-in VA VMS, Surveon logistics solutions provide partners with total surveillance solutions to make complicated integration and verification tasks easier. The cameras not only achieve real-time performance but also maintain true HDR with 120dB, giving partners high quality images even in low lux or complex lighting environments such as loading areas. The NVRs ensure non-stop recording with built-in patented RAID and IDR, which is able to prevent data corruption and drive rebuild, providing reliability to prevent any video loss. Surveon Control Center(VMS) provides partners with an easy remote deployment. Its monitor wall can be set up with any combination of camera views, making certain that security staff can be aware of every slightest movement even outside in the parking lot.

Surveon NVRs are built-in with 12 video analytics features, such as Foreign Object Detection, which can be utilised to reduce misplacement or deliberate abandonment in the truck scales area for example, thereby safeguarding the goods, trucks and staff. The face recognition feature can be used for an additional layer of office security on the ID card. Upon identity mismatch, the system denies access and sends security staff a notification.

All Surveon products are built with industrial-grade components to maintain low failure rates for 24/7 operations and are manufactured in Surveon's own ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified productions sites, ensuring the highest quality for Surveon partners.

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