Suprema enhances personal data protection & management efficiency

Seoul, Korea

Suprema has unveiled an innovative authentication method, the 'Template on Mobile (ToM)'.  It is thought to be the world's first authentication method developed to be registered for the Korean government’s procurement with patented BLE technology and helps solve personal data management issues, burden of access card issuance, as well as server expansion.

Globally, concerns regarding the use of biometric data are increasing, and regulations related to this are becoming more stringent. To address this, Suprema has introduced the ToM, the world’s first access authentication method. With ToM, users can securely store and manage their facial image data required for access authentication on their personal smartphones.

ToM represents an innovative technology that integrates facial authentication and mobile access offering several advantages for both users and administrators. ToM offers users the convenience of entering buildings solely with their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical keys or RFID cards, which can be lost, forgotten, or damaged. With ToM the user can effortlessly enroll or update their facial images using their smartphones for authentication registration. The facial image for authentication is stored only at the users’ smartphone so they can securely protect and manage their personal information.

From an administrator's perspective, allowing users to self-enroll and update their own photos for authentication streamlines management processes, and eliminates the need to store personal information in the system. This ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR regarding personal data protection and alleviates burdens for both companies and administrators. Companies do not require additional server expansion for storing data, and there is a decrease in demand for card issuance/reissuance, resulting in cost savings. Additionally, reducing plastic usage can contribute to the company's ESG management.

ToM faced a challenge when transmitting large size facial photos via Bluetooth on smartphones, leading to significant time consumption. However, Suprema successfully addressed this issue by developing and patenting BLE communication speed optimisation technology, thereby enhancing operational speed. With this patent, ToM was registered with Korea’s Public Procurement Service in February, recognised for its advanced technology and quality. Consequently, its adoption in government and public institutions, where highly advanced security and strict compliance with sensitive data usage are required, is expected to further increase.

“In the era of mobile technology and widespread biometric adoption, we proudly introduce ToM as a groundbreaking authentication method, a pioneering innovation in the security industry.” said Suprema Inc. CEO Hanchul Kim, “Our commitment is to empower businesses and individuals worldwide, providing them with the highest level of security while ensuring a user-friendly experience.”


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