Sensoguard recognised for bringing seismic security to the masses

Santa Clara, Ca (USA) and Shoham, Israel

Based on its recent analysis of the European defence underground sensors market, Frost & Sullivan has recognised Sensoguard with the 2021 European Product Leadership Award for its revolutionary use of seismic technology and creating a robust line of application for various products. The company ensures seamless installation, accessibility, and cost-effective solutions that meet customer demands across various applications, such as securing private homes, national borders, correctional facilities, and agricultural and archaeological sites.

“Sensoguard introduces seismic security systems that are affordable and accessible to all customers seeking robust detection and protection capabilities,” said Steven Lopez, Best Practices Research Analyst. “It uniquely uses sophisticated, real-time, patent-protected algorithms that provide high-precision threat identification and mitigate false alarm rates using the company’s unattended ground sensors (UGS) system. The UGS system is a flexible star or multi-hop mesh topology network of up to 250 wireless seismic sensors per hub. Each sensor covers up to a 20-metre (m) radius to recognise footstep tracking and up to a 50-m radius for detecting unauthorised digging and passing vehicles.”

Sensoguard offers solutions based on complete sensor-level processing to enhance processing efficiency and lower battery consumption. With a seamless deployment, the UGS system can reliably aid in early detection. The solution units can reach flexible transmission ranges of up to 250 m using built-in underground antenna and up to 1 kilometre (km) using a flexible miniature antenna. In addition, the technology allows the company to address the demand for battlefield-proven, plug-and-play, and maintenance-free solutions.

Sensoguard presents a range of both portable and static/fixed location products designed to optimise large and small perimeters. Each system brings key performance benefits. For instance, the SG-Rapid PTZ Kit offers online access to real-time data using a wireless receiver to secure larger field areas from theft, poaching, and illegal dumping. The SG Cam Kit uses precision sensors and a battery-operated camera that provides security teams with smartphone alerts and alarm triggers. The SG Cam Kit can uniquely detect approaching footsteps, digging, and passing vehicles, thereby securing critical points and access routes. Moreover, the Mobile Operations Sensors System (MOSS) Kit assists in ambush operations. Stationary units include the company’s comprehensive system Invisifence (buried intrusion detection solution) intended for large fixed perimeter protection. Sensoguard also offers standalone detectors in its product line for small fixed location areas that act as motion detectors for integrated home security systems.

“Ensuring it maintains its innovative edge, Sensoguard continues to streamline product enhancements. It is the only company that creates a hardware platform for each of its products, making constant improvements in assembly time and resulting in a higher return on investment for the customer,” noted Lopez. “Overall, its highly customer-focused product design and wide product portfolio are accelerating its expansion beyond the defence market and ensuring continued growth.”


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