Revolutionary detachable-head medical cameras from Aver Info

Taipei, Taiwan

Aver Information Inc., an award-winning provider of video collaboration solutions and education technology solutions, has recently announced its newest medical cameras: Aver MD330U and MD330UI medical grade PTZ cameras. Both feature IEC 60601 Medical Certification, proving Aver’s commitment to the development of medical grade equipment.

In addition to signature Aver quality and user friendliness, the Aver MD330U and MD330UI Medical PTZ cameras deliver innovative features such as its revolutionary detachable head echnology. Described by Aver as a true revolution in telemedicine technology, the removable camera head design means that not only can the remote site doctor control the motorised PTZ function, but difficult to see areas can be shown clearly and easily simply by picking up the camera head at the near site to show any area of interest.

A high level optical zoom is a necessity for any medical camera, and the Aver MD330U/I delivers a 30X optical zoom. The zoom function operates speedily and conveniently by providing the remote site zoom controls, and when combined with easy autofocus make for precise viewing, close ups and diagnoses every time.

AI Acoustics is a further convenient built in inclusion, the MD330U/I houses a microphone and speaker, and comes integrated with intelligent Aver AI Noise Deduction technology, making important medical communications easier, clear and hassle free.

A clear upgrade for any telemedicine setup, the MD330U/I offers 4K Ultra HD resolution. 4K UHD resolution with 30X optical zoom delivers the accuracy medical professionals require to offer care remotely.

An unprecedented development in telemedicine cameras, the MD330UI offers an infrared camera. Aver infrared imaging technology offers convenient night vision technology, meaning that patients’ safety can still be monitored even when the lights are out.

Aver’s newest MD330U and MD330UI come as the need for reliable telemedicine solutions are greater than ever, and are part of an all-new Aver telemedicine range.


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