Raytec launches new powerful network illuminator

Ashington, Northumberland (UK)

Raytec is launching the Vario2 IP PoE 16, thought to be the most powerful IP PoE single panel illuminator on the market – designed to deliver outstanding distances of up to 500m (1,640ft).

Available as infrared, white light, and hybrid variants, Vario2 IP PoE 16 represents the forefront of network illumination. With this powerful new development Raytec cements its position as one of the most comprehensive players on the network illuminators on the market.

The emergence of the IEEE 802.3bt standard brought new opportunities for PoE-powered illuminators. Following the addition of bt compatibility to Vario2 8 size products, Raytec has been able to extend the IP PoE range to include Vario2 16 size products for the very first time.

With a 90W PoE or 24V DC input, the new Vario2 IP PoE 16 combines industry-leading power and distances, with the smart network capability of our award-winning Vario2 IP PoE range. Users can create dynamic lighting systems which deliver the perfect level of light, exactly where it’s needed.

Vario2 IP PoE offers end-users great control with dedicated IP lighting. Illuminators can be controlled anywhere on the network, reducing labour and costs while maximising performance 24/7. Vario2 IP PoE 16 also utilises Raytec’s Vario Interchangeable Lens System, allowing the angle of unit illumination to be easily, quickly, and precisely adjusted.

In addition to the new Vario2 IP PoE 16, the rest of the IP PoE range has also seen an upgrade with the introduction of HTTPS. All products in the IP PoE range now have the capability to be secured with HTTPS, allowing users to benefit from increased encryption and security. Improvements to Raytec’s Discoman (Discovery & Management) tool also allows users to easily manage certificates and update multiple lamps at once.


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