Pyronix launches new wireless magnetic contact

Rotherham, South Yorkshire (UK)

Pyronix is releasing its latest security peripheral, the MCNano-WE wireless magnetic contact.

The Nano-sized contact has been designed to deliver exceptional long-life security performance that’s designed to disappear with out-of-sight installation.

“We’re really pleased to introduce such a convenient and flexible solution, that users may even forget is there,” Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Manager, said.

Fitting inside the frame of a UPVC door, the MC Nano-WE is a simple-to-fit and highly convenient solution for any residential or small-commercial installation.

Engineered for satisfying fitting, the MC Nano-WE provides a compact and stylish contact with multiple security use cases.

“The contact is designed for multiple purposes, whether securing entrances and exits, or to generate a voice push notification to the user via the app should the medicine cupboard or a specific area be accessed,” Laurence said.

He continues: “We’re delighted to bring such a peripheral to the market, that increases not only the opportunities of our customers, but the level of interactivity and value in the security system that the user ultimately receives.”

The MC Nano-WE’s compact and aesthetic design makes it a stylish device that can both blend-in and complement any property.

Produced almost 66% smaller than the existing MC1 Mini-WE, this brand-new device offers the same level of security protection, but in a much more modern and smarter package.

This new peripheral offers a wireless range of 250m in open space and a 2-year battery life.


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