Next-generation AI deep learning surveillance platform

Taipei, Taiwan

Ironyun, a new venture company specialising in next generation cloud computing and big data video search software, has launched what they are calling an industrial pioneer, the AI NVR -  an AI video analytics system, an artificial intelligence solution, designed for video surveillance with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. This built-in, pre-trained artificial intelligence analytics of software and hardware has been designed to be capable of fast, efficient identification and search of video objects. The AI NVR solution will be showcased at the upcoming SKYDD 2018 show in Stockholm, Sweden, next week.

The all-in-one Ironyun AI system is geared up to help public security agencies, such as police departments, and enterprises address the problems of traditional video surveillance systems and enhance safety.

The AI NVR overcomes the challenges of many complex environments and is fully integrated with AI video analytics features for various markets, including perimeter protection of businesses, access control for campuses and airports, management of shopping centres and parking lots, etc.

The AI-based intrusion detection system in Ironyun AI NVR significantly reduces false alerts often experienced in traditional systems, by identifying intrusion events based on object types (vehicle, person), colours and quantities. For example, if an animal enters the person-detection Region-of-Interest (ROI), alerts will not be triggered.

The Face Search feature of the AI NVR enables rapid search of a person in a video footage based on an input face image or on real-time streaming of the person’s face. The face search algorithm compares the target face against all faces in the recorded videos and not against a known face database to safeguard personal identities. Typical use cases include searching for a missing child or elderly person in a shopping mall.

To detect a specific person, the Face Recognition function can detect and recognise faces in a white- or black-listed person-of-interest database. The unlimited number of lists increases the flexibility for businesses to manage access control and customer experience, e.g., customised services for VIP clients.

The general return on investment for implementing AI based video analytics maybe typically measured in months; according to the company, the Ironyun AI NVR fulfills system migration to inlcude AI recognition and big-data analytics features as quick as plug-n-play. 


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