New patent pending anti piggybacking technology for turnstiles

Atlanta, Ga (USA)

Morse Watchmas Turnlock was on show at the GSX 2022 event

At the recent GSX 2022 show in Atlanta, Boon Edam launched its new Be Secure, a new secure overhead detection system for use with Turnlock Full Height Turnstiles. This new, innovative overhead detection system is purpose-built for the detection and prevention of piggybacking within Boon Edam’s range of full height turnstiles. Boon Edam’s Turnlock 100 Full Height Turnstile with integrated Be Secure Overhead Detection System was on display alongside the company’s suite of additional security entrance products.

“Boon Edam’s full height turnstiles have long been a solution to deterring unauthorized entry and tailgating due to their robust, rugged design,” said Kurt Measom, Vice President of Product and Technology, Boon Edam. “With the addition of the BE Secure Overhead Detection System, we are now able to also address the issue of piggybacking. For our customers, this translates to a more secure, effective security perimeter.”

The BE Secure system utilizes Time-of-Flight measurement principles (TOF) combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect when two people try to enter the same compartment on a turnstile using one credential, otherwise known as piggybacking. If piggybacking is detected, the turnstile will automatically lock and refuse entry. Built for both exterior and interior applications, Boon Edam’s range of full height turnstiles with integrated BE Secure are ideal for a variety of applications where piggybacking detection and prevention are required.

Boon Edam’s Turnlock 100 and Turnlock 150 Full Height Turnstiles can be ordered with the BE Secure Overhead Detection System installed as a factory supplied option or as a field retrofit kit. For the Turnlock 200 model, BE Secure is only available as “Special Request” from the factory on new shipped products.


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