New GPS functionality for Iloq S50 audit trails

Oulu, Finland

Iloq has upgraded the S50 system to now include GPS coordinates for the real time audit trail reporting functionality.

For access control systems, real-time audit trail reports are an excellent tool to help prevent unauthorised access, or solve instances of misuse, by showing exactly who has accessed a site and when. Iloq has now further developed functionality, and now, each time a lock is opened, or attempted to be opened, the Iloq S50 app will send the GPS coordinates of the smartphone to the server.

Utilities and logistics service providers regularly face security challenges related to simultaneously managing numerous sites and vast numbers of locks over large geographical areas. With many users and technicians, including 3rd-party subcontractors, a huge number of keys are in constant circulation. With a mechanical locking system, it is impossible to see who has accessed which site and when.

For 20 years, Iloq has been revolutionising the locking industry. Already in 2016, the company introduced the first lock cylinder on the planet which harvests operating energy from the NFC field generated by the smartphone for unlocking. This innovation – Iloq S50 – takes batteries and excess wiring out of the equation ensuring zero maintenance, minimizing lifecycle costs and eliminating battery waste.

With Iloq S50, access rights (“phone keys”) for opening the lock cylinders are sent to Iloq’s app running on end user’s smartphone. This makes the solution also entirely keyless. There’s no need to carry around huge bunches of physical keys or travel between work sites and administration offices to pick up and return keys which optimises workflows and reduces travel-related environmental impact.

Locking system administrators can update the access rights remotely and in real time using Iloq’s cloud-based SaaS platform – Iloq Manager. This eliminates security risks involved with lost, stolen, or unreturned keys and ensures that only the right people have access to the right places at the right time.

And now the company has further developed its technology and updated the real time audit trail reporting functionality to include GPS coordinates for the S50 system. Each time a lock is opened, or attempted to be opened, the Iloq S50 app will send the GPS coordinates of the smartphone to the server. Administrators will be able see the coordinates on Iloq Manager and pinpoint the exact event to provide even more information for site managers and administrators and further enhance site security.


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