Motorola launches a US first at IACP 2022

Dallas, Tx (USA)

At the recent IACP show in Dallas, Motorola demonstrated a first-of-its-kind public safety application for Apple Carplay to transform field operations, as well as the integration of video footage from emergency response drones and robots into Commandcentral Aware. Bringing video and information from a variety of field devices onto a single pane of glass in the command centre offers agencies the awareness and information they need to carry out their missions more safely and efficiently.

“Our innovation is driven by the need to help first responders better understand complex threats,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola Solutions. “We believe officers should be able to manage any incident from the field, which means surfacing insights from across public safety systems and sharing critical information across a network of connected officers and vehicles.”

With this new development, Motorola Solutions is bringing to the United States what is thought to be the world’s first public safety application on Apple Carplay. Incident Management for Apple Carplay seamlessly connects officers to police systems, alongside body-worn camera, in-car video and license plate recognition systems, enabling them to directly access critical incident details and manage key operational workflows from their fully-connected vehicles. Officers behind the wheel can use voice control features for safe operation while staying focused on the road. Capabilities include viewing maps of incidents and unit locations, reviewing incident details, self-assigning to incidents, updating status, launching turn-by-turn navigation and making calls to other units. The solution is compatible with native in-vehicle touch screens, eliminating the need to install mobile data terminals.

Motorola Solutions worked with Western Australia Police to launch the solution in March 2022 to more than 6,000 officers, who respond to a collective 84,000 incidents per month.

“The Apple Carplay application we developed with Motorola Solutions has been transformative for our agency, as our officers can now rely on an intuitive, everyday technology for the critical information they need,” said Col Blanch, commissioner of the Western Australia Police. “It allows our officers to quickly and efficiently manage incident response and reporting from the field, instead of the station, so they can spend more time out in the community. This commitment to innovation puts service to the community and officer safety first, and makes Western Australia a great place for officers to serve.”


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