Lips to launch 3D facial recognition solution at Ifsec

Taipei, Taiwan

Attempts to fool the system with a photo or face mask will be rejected by the Lipsface AC770.

Lips Corporation, a Taiwan based company which concentrates on providing 3D sensing technologies, will present Lipsface AC770, a 3D facial recognition solution, at Ifsec International 2019 in London, UK.

Attempting to use a photo or a 3D print face mask to trick the security system will be rejected by the Lipsface AC770, a true 3D facial recognition system.

Unlike some other 2D facial recognition systems which can be fooled by photos or masks, Lipsface AC770 has an exclusive 3D liveness detection technology for top level security access control. This Lips facial recognition system is based on biometric authentication with advanced 3D vision anti-spoofing for top level security facial recognition access control systems.

Lipsface AC770 provides ultra-fast and contactless authentication experiences for all environments where a top security level is required, such as in commercial offices, stations and airport corporations, banks and financial institutes, hotels and VIP clubs and lounges.

At Ifsec International 2019, Lips will also show another two applications for its latest 3D sensing technology, Lips 3D Body Motion Detection and Lips Motion Gesture. The former is a real-time full-body skeleton motion tracking software and integrated in 3D depth into camera modules. It can uniquely segment and track multiple users. And the latter is a gesture recognition software that allows users to instantly select, open, click, fast-forward and rewind media files merely with a motion of a gesture.


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