Lares 4.0 drives effective home automation

Ripatransone, Italy

Thanks to domotics or home automation, users are now able to control and monitor their homes and remotely open and close gates and front doors, see who rang the intercom, turn the garden sprinkler on and off, and much more. With the Ksenia Security Lares 4.0 control panel they can also do all this with a single tap.

Benefits of remote control

Opening a gate from a distance can greatly improve daily life. Not having to get out of the car to open the gate when it's cold and raining heavily, is an advantage people have enjoyed for many decades now, thanks to remote radio controls and automatic gates.

However, this type of comfort is now reaching a higher level, thanks to new technologies that allow a much wider control over home automation, increasing the possibilities of  interaction with every aspect of a home’s access and security systems.

Remote opening of a gate is now possible thanks to the integration with these domotics systems and the combination of an app with control panels. managing security and home automation.

The Lares 4.0 control panel, together with the Lares 4.0 app, allows the management of every home entrance, not only to open and close the doors, but also when it comes to who is ringing the doorbell. The advantage of a gate controlled by an app lies in the extreme flexibility of use, especially when we are not physically at home, or when we are too far away to open and close the gate with traditional systems.

By installing an IP camera, it is possible to check remotely if someone is outside our door, and with the option of opening the gate even if we are not in. Thanks to the integration of the app with our Lares 4.0 control panel, users can make these decisions with a simple tap on the smartphone.


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