Johnson Controls launches C-Cure IQ Security Client

Cork, Ireland

Johnson Controls releases new C-Cure IQ the next evolution of the C-Cure 9000

Johnson Controls has released the C-Cure IQ Security Client, a security operations solution encompassing a feature set designed for both access control and video surveillance to create a complete streamlined enterprise security system.

C-Cure IQ Security Client combines enterprise access control and video surveillance together in a single, intuitive interface.

“The global security market is undergoing significant transformations led by customer needs for modernisation and optimisation of their security hardware and software,” said Sanjeev Singh, vice president of Product Management, Johnson Controls. “As part of this evolution, we are excited to release C-Cure IQ, the natural extension of C-Cure 9000, as a web-based offering which now includes video surveillance capability. Its web-based security client is critical for the growing needs for anytime, anywhere access to enterprise security operations.”

C-Cure IQ Security Client boasts an extensive feature set designed to create a complete streamlined end-to-end solution from software and controllers to recorders and cameras. C-Cure IQ is the evolution of C-Cure 9000, leveraging its powerful access control features to meet today’s challenging compliance needs and supported by Johnson Controls’ renowned Istar Controllers, known for their reliability and cyber security. C-Cure IQ Security Client is designed for the web to simplify installations, offering flexibility in deployments and personalisation of the overall user experience. With this approach, users can take advantage of several benefits.

“C-Cure IQ v3.00.1 is the future of enterprise security operation centres and signifies the most robust and feature-rich web offering that can help customers transition from silo systems to a unified security software platform,” said Singh. “Its powerful web UI supports security operation personnel’s everyday device interactions as well as our latest security innovations for a holistic security operation.”


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