Invixium integrates with Nedap AEOS

Toronto, Canada

Invixium has integrated its portfolio of modern solutions with AEOS by Nedap, a leading provider of access control solutions. This integration between AEOS and IXM Web, Invixium’s enterprise-grade software solution, streamlines the process of setting up and using Invixium biometric systems with AEOS. AEOS users can now seamlessly deploy Invixium touchless biometrics, such as face recognition via IXM Titan, as well as the rest of Invixium’s biometric portfolio.

This integration is powered by IXM Link, a licensed software feature for IXM Web that allows for one- or two-way database-to-database synchronisation between IXM Web and AEOS. Database synchronisation ensures easy setup, installation, and use of Invixium biometric solutions for AEOS users. Administrators can effortlessly enroll biometric data to cardholders (securely stored in IXM Web) which are continuously synchronised with AEOS. In addition, Device Integration Protocol (DIP) has been implemented to allow AEOS to control the verification process.

“Integrating leading security solutions, such as touchless face recognition, with AEOS has enabled Nedap to remain at the forefront of Covid-19 response,” said Susanne Adriaanse, Managing Director at Nedap Security Management. “Invixium’s innovative technologies like face recognition, mask detection, and touchless thermal screening make them a partner that closely aligns with our strategy to provide a wide range high-level solutions to modern security problems.”

“Expanding our reach through technology integrations is vital to our strategy,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium. “This integration simplifies installation and management while reducing costs for businesses that are looking for unified end-to-end security systems. We look forward to addressing the needs of AEOS users with our unique solutions.”


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