Infinova presents latest face recognition technology in Dubai

Monmouth Junction, NJ (USA) and Dubai, U.A.E

Infinova face recognition solution

At Intersec 2019 in Dubai, Infinova will be demonstrating its latest technology offerings which include face recognition solutions, H.265, 2/4/5MP cameras, 4K camera, Starlight series, thermal, explosion proof, edge-analytics enabled cameras, NVR, video management software.

Infinova’s intelligent face recognition management platform is designed in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). It integrates deep-learning based intelligent face recognition algorithm and mainly achieves such functions as surveillance deployment, face comparison and face retrieval through flexible access service and professional application development.

The system extracts an industry-leading face recognition algorithm model by means of what Infinova says is the most massive GPU clustering computing in the industry and the training of the sample face library, increasing recognition accuracy. The algorithm supports recognition of multi-angle characteristics and extraction of multiple characteristics under varying illumination, facial expression, occlusion and ages, reducing error recognition rate.

It also features user-friendly configuration end and retrieval end and supports target library management based on black and white lists. Its intuitive intelligent surveillance interface synchronously displays real-time video, face capture, face comparison and warning, improving user perception of recognition results. Infinova’s face recognition system is applicable to intelligent security surveillance systems of the “Safe City” projects, public facilities and any critical infrastructure projects. The advanced clustering solution to the face recognition server can be easily expanded and deployed for the whole system.


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