Indykite unveils identity powered AI data platform

San Francisco, Ca (USA) and Oslo, Norway

Indy#kite - the new venture from Forgerock founder, Lasse Andresen – has launched its breakthrough Enterprise data platform, now offering identity-centric data veracity to power the future of AI. The new Indykite platform helps to ensure so-called “baked-in” trustworthiness of leveraged data in any business or analytics model, by employing an identity-centric approach to data where trust is paramount, AI-driven risk scores help guide use and source and verification of each available data point help deliver visibility.

The new platform uniquely unifies both identity and business data to provide an enriched and contextualised data layer to power corporate AI, analytics, applications and intelligent decisions. Powered by a graph core, the Indykite platform enables the solving of complex use-cases while driving revenue, building trust and securely leveraging accurate data for value across the B2B ecosystem.

One of the core challenges for companies reaching high levels of digital maturity in their digital transformation is the use and handling of data. This certainly becomes a more prominent challenge as businesses look to incorporate AI into their technology stacks. Data is the foundation of enabling critical use cases and as the demand for data use grows across businesses, it also opens companies up to security and compliance issues. Trust in data has never been more salient. Indykite confronts this challenge head-on.

“As a new category creator, Indykite is offering the next generation of identity-driven services to enable better applications and products,” said Lasse Andresen, CEO and founder of Indykite. “Our customers are already experiencing the difference in being able to deliver more customer-centric experiences, faster time to value and efficiency gains without compromising their security posture - this will now be even better with the new platform.”

Backed by Molten Ventures, Speedinvest and Alliance Venture, Indykite is driving the creation of a new category of services in the market, unifying data from siloed data sources into a powerful, validated operational data layer. Gartner Inc. has already predicted (Autumn, 2023) that within the next three years, organisations adopting data management practices in support of their IAM programme will realise a 40% improvement in time to value delivery.

With an identity-centric approach, Indykite ensures accurate and rich information across the corporate knowledge graph using Neo 4J as a data backend. This supports companies in achieving higher trust in their AI and applications through enhanced veracity to surpass bottom-line objectives. The Indykite platform supports product managers and application designers to leverage the unified data view to deliver more intelligent decisions and access control, granular customer consent management and solve more agile and novel use cases.

In addition, the platform provides real-time analytics and insight discovery to support business goals, enhance decision making and strengthen threat detection and response.

Indykite, Inc. is a venture-backed category creator San Francisco-based company with development offices in Oslo, Norway.


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