Idis to focus on video cyber security at Ifsec

Brentford, Middlesex (UK)

"Network security and the threat of cyber-loopholes should be a top priority for video surveillance users", Idis will tell visitors at Ifsec International next week. Launching a cyber security advisory video ahead of the show, the Idis team will also be on hand to demonstrate and explain how Idis technology goes a step further to strengthen the resilience of traditional surveillance network processes.

Korea’s largest surveillance manufacturer will be highlighting the dangers of cyber attacks and the common vulnerabilities found in many surveillance set ups – and showcasing a full range of counter-measures at the event. Users should plan for three specific risks, says the company: data access loopholes, data transmission weaknesses, and the integrity of recorded footage.

“Idis has consistently led the way in addressing cyber security concerns, taking a multi-pronged approach from R&D through to customer installation,” said James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe. “We have developing a rich, layered and comprehensive set of technologies and features to ensure maximum protection for end users.”

Visitors will see how Idis Direct-IP - the cornerstone of the Idis Total Solution – closes-up widespread vulnerabilities and serves as a proprietary mutual authentication system for all Idis IP products. Direct-IP speeds up implementations and streamlines cyber security by eliminating the need for engineers to manage multiple IP addresses and associated passwords during implementation. It therefore mitigates against human error and the common malpractice of saving passwords in vulnerable spreadsheets.

Using peer-to-peer technology, Idis’s For Every Network (FEN) technology also lets engineers deploy and configure secure, multi-site surveillance solutions that utilise centralised monitoring and control without in-depth knowledge of routing or networking.

Idis will also highlight the cyber security essentials for transmission and recording, together with its own patented and proprietary technologies which prevent activities such as snooping, modification and destruction of data. In addition, visitors will learn how Idis ensures the integrity of video recording, with its advanced Chained Fingerprint technology authenticating footage so that it can be submitted to the police and courts as evidence. “Combined with these technologies, our industry-leading training programmes are helping installers and integration partners work knowledgably with devices and networks to ensure maximum cyber security for our users,” added Min.


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