Huperlab 3D analytics helps in fight against virus

Taipei, Taiwan

Huperlab’s 3D stereo vision intelligent technology has been helping to protect employees, customers and visitors from coronavirus during the past few months. With the latest 3D video analytics functions, the Huperlab 3D vision solution is being deployed to assist in the safety levels for public areas with less human resources.

As the pandemic has spread across the globe, this system can be used as a social distancing warning system to alarm when the specified area is overcrowded. It can also be installed at the entrance as a capacity management system to count the people inside a store, it can provide alarms when the maximum number of people is reached, whilst at the same time instructing new customers to wait until others leave the shop. In addition, it can also be used as a reminder for people to sanitise their hands before entering a certain area.

One attractive point about the solution is that when the pandemic of coronavirus is over, the system can be reconfigured for people counting, tailgating detection, area counter, etc.

The system features an all-in-one AIoT Plug & Play 3D stereo vision intelligent smart camera which is cyber security certified, Onvif conformant, and with a built-in web server, built-in mic, speaker and I/O. It does not need another PC to run the 3D stereo video analytics. Huperlab partners will have access to the SDK for further integration, such as obtaining the information on the number of people. It is also able to integrate with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau for dashboard display and powerful report.


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