Hikvision USA adds 5MP Colorvu Turbo HD cameras to lineup

City of Industry, Ca (USA)

Hikvision has introduced two new 5 MP Colorvu Turbo HD camera models into its series of HD over analogue products. The new 5 MP Non-Distorted Colorvu audio fixed mini bullet (DS-2CE10KF0T-FS) and the 5 MP Non-Distorted Colorvu audio fixed turret (DS-2CE70KF0T-MFS0) cameras offer high-definition imagery and 24/7 full-colour visuals.

“The introduction of our 5 MP Colorvu Turbo HD cameras means end users get crystal clear video and images over analog cabling, enhancing quality while eliminating the need to rip and replace existing cabling infrastructure,” said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. "Hikvision’s Turbo HD lineup paired with innovative Colorvu technology is a game changer for customers who need outstanding quality and peace of mind.”

The new 5 MP Colorvu Turbo HD cameras promise no distortion during video preview or playback when applied to standard widescreen monitors. Integrated Colorvu technology further offers consistently clear imaging day or night, capturing every detail in full colour. 

In addition to presenting high-quality imaging, the 5 MP Colorvu bullet and turret Turbo HD cameras are both equipped with a built-in microphone. This feature eliminates the need for an additional microphone and guarantees high-quality, real-time audio recording.

"By integrating a microphone directly into the cameras, we offer our customers an all-in-one solution for both video and audio recording,” said Xiao. “This ultimately simplifies installation and reduces costs while ensuring users experience high-quality, real-time audio alongside exceptional visuals."

Designed to work over existing coaxial cables to deliver HD video and images, Turbo HD over analogue cameras eliminate the need to rip and replace cables to upgrade to IP cameras. This allows security professionals to enhance their situational awareness without the hassle and expense of replacing existing infrastructure.


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