Integrated, cloud-based access & attendance solution for SMBs

Hangzhou, China

Hikvision has recently launched its new cloud-based and fully integrated access and attendance solution for SMB and enterprise users. Built with an intuitive user interface, the new solution provides sophisticated, multi-site access control and time and attendance management that centralises and simplifies HR operations, and enhances the employee experience.

Hikvision’s cloud-based access and attendance solution is an integrated HR management and access control system. It is fully scalable and flexible for a variety of access and attendance needs found in different types of businesses. It enables agile working both on-site and remotely, with mobile check-in facility – this is a great time saver for employers and employees alike. This is particularly ideal for businesses with field employees, promoting easier and more efficient remote workforce management.

The cloud-based system also allows administrators and HR managers to remotely assign access permissions to employees or groups of employees, across multiple sites with Hikvision Minmoe terminals  (as shown as below video) supporting safe access into work premises.

Some of the main benefits of Hikvision cloud-based access and attendance solution for SMBs include streamlined HR administration. Notably it allows employers to create flexible calendars and schedules, and to configure annual leave and assign rotating shifts as needed. Reports on attendance and other KPIs can be generated to provide employers with increased visibility into the total workforce.

The system also offers increased convenience for employees, as it enable them to clock-in and clock-out at multiple sites, quickly and easily on their mobile phones installed with Hik-Connect app. The GPS clocking function further allows them to report their attendance even in field locations. In addition, the solution supports a multitude of access authentication methods including fingerprint, smartcard or face upon employee’s choice. Also, facial recognition provides highly accurate ID authentication with ‘non-contact’ hygiene, and is available from all Hikvision Minmoe terminals.

Furthermore, the system offers low total cost of ownership, as Hikvision suggests that this solution provides unrivalled value for SMBs based on a highly efficient cloud deployment model. With no need for local servers, infrastructure costs are low, and licenses are free for up to 10 employees initially. The solution can also be managed and supported remotely by trusted service providers using Hik-Proconnect, further helping to increase operational efficiency.

Rapid, simple deployment and set-up can be achieved as all business logic needed for access control and attendance management is in the cloud.

Finally, the leading security SLAs (Security License Agreements) of Hikvision's chosen cloud partner means that an SMB’s HR data is always protected from end to end, ensuring compliance with GDPR and other relevant legislation.

Frank Zhang, President of Hikvision’s International Product and Solution Center, says, “The launch of Hikvision’s cloud-based access and attendance solution is a watershed moment for HR management in a variety of businesses ranging from SMBs to enterprises. We’ve brought together a rich feature set with cloud agility and efficiency – all in a package that’s fast and easy to deploy, configure, and use – and this is exactly what our customers have been waiting for.”


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