Global release of latest Milestone Xprotect upgrade

Copenhagen, Denmark

October marks the latest release of the Milestone Systems Xprotect 2018 R3. With this third release in 2018, Milestone continues to respond to market demands and the company maintains that a frequent release cycle ensures that the needs of Milestone stakeholders are rapidly met.

Many modern-day surveillance cameras are shipped with advanced analytical functions like motion detection, temperature detection and perimeter protection. These camera functions generate events. With the versatile Rules Engine in Milestone Xprotect VMS, these and other device inputs can be used to trigger actions like starting and stopping recordings, manually or automatically, sending alerts or other responses.

With the 2018 R3 product version and Device Pack 9.9a, users can benefit from an extended event list, allowing them to make use of all the event features the camera has to offer. This improvement starts with support for Axis network cameras, enabling the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) to work even better with Xprotect.

An important aspect in keeping a video system secure and best protected against attacks or unwanted behaviour is having a clear understanding of what is happening in the system. Here the Log Server plays a vital role storing all log messages for the entire video monitoring system. This provides information about patterns of use, access logging, system performance and administrative activities.

With the 2018 R3 product update, users can enjoy a new and greatly improved Log Server that provides even faster identification and documentation of historical system activities and user interactions in the system.

Among the many operational enhancements in this last release of 2018 is support for Smart Map in the MIP SDK allowing the Milestone developer community to enhance operator awareness.


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