Geovision IP Decoder Box simplifies multi-screen surveillance

Taipei, Taiwan

Geovision is broadening its lineup with the GV-IP Decoder Box Optimal, a new product aimed at enhancing video surveillance systems. This device is specially designed to take the complexity out of multi-screen video surveillance systems.

Ideal for use in retail spaces, healthcare facilities, and security-conscious environments, the GV-IP Decoder Box Optimal allows for the distribution of select camera feeds to additional monitors, capable of displaying 4, 6, 8, or 9 camera grids. This capability means that a central monitoring station already viewing numerous feeds on one PC can now extend these views to other monitors with ease, improving surveillance without the need for extra PCs.

Capable of supporting both dual 1080P and single 4K output, the device can handle video feeds from up to 64 IP cameras. The Decoder Box Optimal is designed to meet the needs of environments where attention to detail is essential for operational safety and security.

Key features of the GV-IP Decoder Box Optimal include: 

  • High-definition decoding capability for IP cameras up to 8 MP
  • Dual-monitor display options through HDMI and VGA outputs
  • Compatibility with ONVIF or RTSP cameras
  • Multiple screen divisions to accommodate various monitoring preferences
  • Flexible power options including PoE and DC inputs.

Geovision has integrated the Decoder Box with the GV-Control Center and GV-VMS, the company's video management platforms, to offer more intuitive display features for large-scale projects.


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