Gainwise launches 4G Volte wireless terminal

Tainan, Taiwan

(Left) 4G VoLTE Fixed Wireless Terminal

Gainwise, a leading company that specialises in the design of GSM/3G module embedded products to benefit accessing telecommunication networks will be exhibiting its latest innovations at Ifsec International 2019 from 18th - 21st June at the Excel, in London, UK.

The Gainwise product range covers GSM FWT, GSM gateways, 3G FWT, 2G audio door station, 3G video intercom, 2G/3G door opener, M2M, GPS vehicle tracking system and more. 

At the forthcoming UK show, Gainwise will present its latest innovation, the 4G Volte fixed wireless terminal.  The brand new 4G Volte terminal, model no: NEO3000A-4G series, is able to call out either as a mobile via a 4G Volte or via a landline, whichever is the cheapest option. It offers users the option to enjoy free calls to mobiles from a landline or discounted long distance calls, depending on the service provider selected.

'Volte is a voice calling option on their Digi 4G network.' said Charles Kuo, GM of Gainwise Technology, "Do you realise what this means? Voice calls via the Digi 4G network can achieve high quality voice calls with very short set up times. Gainwise knows users are often multi-tasking; with the new product, our users can now surf or download  while on a call with effective quality over the 4G network." 

Gainwise not only designs and manufactures its own communications products, but also custom-makes solutions for partners and customers; for example,  car immobilisers with alarm, remote anti-theft car alarm systems, touch dimmer switch systems, LED strobe lamps and wireless power heated controllers and more.


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