Gainwise answers special market demands with customised solutions

Tainan, Taiwan

Gaiwise, a Taiwan-based company that specialises in developing 4G communication products, including 4G intercoms, 4G openers, and 4G FWT,  has now expanded its business into other communication fields, such as Wifi modules and IoT, and also offers customised product development services to meet their customers' needs.

Oriented from a need to improve the production efficiency at a client's (business partner) factory, Gainwise has figured out a customised solution for them on demand.

The client required a product that could detect fan speed and transmit the data via Wifi to a server for analysis, enabling them to control the fan speed and maintain a consistent factory temperature, thereby increasing production efficiency.

Gainwise soon called up a project team of engineers to address the mission tasks that included drawing on their expertise in Wifi modules and IoT technology. After thorough communication and thoughtful consideration, the Gainwise team proposed a fan speed sensor to be easily installed at their factory and connected to a Wifi module.

The custom-made sensor will transmit the fan speed data to the server for analysis, and the server will then give back further instructions to adjust the fan speed if the ambient temperature inside factory has been detected as inadequate, in order to maintain consistency.

By an innovative approach in product design and dedication to development, these on-demand projects have pushed Gainwise into becoming a player in both communication and the IoT fields, providing cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and efficiency in a wide range of industries. The fan speed sensor is one of many successful cases for Gainwise since the beginning of this year. These cases have not only enhanced the business boundaries for Gainwise but have also rewarded their customers allowing them to save money and time, as well as deploy a product that they actually wanted and wished for. 

Gainwise will be returning to Ifsec Global 2023, which is set to be held from 16th - 18th May at the ExCel centre in London, UK.


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